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Highspeed Morse Telegraphy (HST)

                                 Hochgeschwindigkeits Morsetelegrafie (HST)
                                        Скоростная Pадиотелеграфия (СРТ)   
                                                        Télégraphie à grande vitesse (TGV)

Balkan High Speed Telegraphy Championships

Balkan Meisterschaften der Morsetelegrafie

Чемпионат Балканы по скоростной радио-телеграфии (срт)

The Balkan Championships of High Speed Telegraphy (HST) are hold since 2013 to promote this sport in the Balkan countries:

It is an open Championship, which means that competitors from non-Balkan countries can participate also. A separate classification will be provided.

  • 2018 - Bansko, Bulgaria
  • 2017 - Dojran, Macedonia
  • 2016 - Orgeev, Moldova
  • 2015 - Svilajnac, Serbia
  • 2014 - Piatra Neamt, Romania
  • 2013 - Lovech, Bulgaria