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6. Balkan HST championships and 11. HST tournament Europe's Cup 2018

Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs (BFRA) invites HST enthusiasts to take part in the 6. Balkan HST championships and 11. HST tournament Europe Cup in Bansko, Bulgaria.

Competition program:

  • 2. May - arrival and registration day
  • 3. May - competition and awarding day
  • 4. May - competition and awarding day
  • 5. May - excursion, banquet and closing ceremony day
  • 6. May - departure day

Accomodation and participation is organized in the four star Terra Complex in Bansko. Accomodation in double (twin) or triple rooms is 150 EUR per person (includes four nights, banquet and excursion). Free use of the swimming pool and sauna is also included. Accomodation in single room is available upon request for additional fee.

Applications: Please send a free form letter of intent (LOI) not later than 15th March 2018.
Please all information and/ or questions regarding this event to: Ivan Ivanov, P.O.Box 15, 1324 Sofia, Bulgaria.

HST Memorial competition for Vito Vetrano  IN3VST on 10.03.2018

On March 10th 2018 the Italian Telegraphy Club organised a HST competition at the radioanistica expo in Montichiari in Memory of Vito Vetrano IN3VST.

Vito Vetrano IN3VST

Vito was many years the italian IARU highspeed telegraphy working group member and active radio-amateur at the ARI Sezione di Merano.

Officina Piero Begali sponsored a wonderful prize for the overall winner Helga Ferrante, IN3FHE.

Results overall

  1. IN3FHE 157,06 points
  2. IU4AZC 142,74 points
  3. I8QFK 123,86 points
  4. IZ2FME 89,74 points
  5. I2CZQ 89,10 points
  6. IZ4AKO 53,66 points


Results Morse Runner

  1. IU4AZC 2366 points
  2. I8QFK 1919 points
  3. IZ2FME 1434 points
  4. IN3FHE 1350 points
  5. I2CZQ 1226 points
  6. IK2CLB 1053 points

Results RufzXP

  1. IN3FHE 38329 points
  2. I8QFK 16386 points
  3. IU4AZC 16380 points
  4. I2CZQ 14291 points
  5. F6IIE 12466 points
  6. IZ2FME 11061 points

Highspeed Telegraphy in the German Democratic Republic

Many thanks to Wolfgang Plache DL9UJF for his photographs of the German Democratic Republic national teams from 1968 and 1980. They will added to the HST Germany section of this website soon. I would be pleased in getting more informations about HST and telegraphy championships in the GDR to save the history of this important time of radio telegraphy.

1980 DDR Nationalmannschaft in Schirgiswalde bei Bautzen, Deutsche Demokratische Republik


1968 DDR Nationalmannschaft in Konopiste, Tschechoslowakei


HST in Croatia

Informations about Highspeed Telegraphy in Croatian language can be found on the webside of the Croatian Amateur Radio Association (HRS)

15. IARU Highspeed Telegraphy  World Championships 25. - 29.08.2018 Astana, Kazakhstan

The website of this event is:

Schedule for the 15. IARU Highspeed Telegraphy World Championships 2018 in Astana, Kazakhstan:

  • 25 August 2018, Saturday - Arrival day, Opening Ceremony and official meetings.
  • 26 August 2018, Sunday - Competition day one, Awarding Ceremony of day one.
  • 27 August 2018, Monday - Competition day two, Awarding Ceremony of day two.
  • 28 August 2018, Tuesday - Excursion day, Awarding and Closing Ceremony.
  • 29 August 2018, Wednesday - Departure day. 

Programm der 15. IARU HST Weltmeisterschaften in Astana, Kasachstan:

  • 25 August 2018, Samstag - Anreisetag, Eröffnungsfeier und offizielle Treffen.
  • 26 August 2018, Sonntag - Wettkampfstag, Diplomzeremonie.
  • 27 August 2018, Montag - Wettkampfstag, Diplomzeremonie.
  • 28 August 2018, Dienstag - Ausflugstag, Ehrung der Mannschaften- und Gesamtsieger, Abschlussfeier.
  • 29 August 2018, Mittwoch - Abreisetag. 

Программа 15-го IARU Чемпионата мира CPT в Астане, Казахстан:

  • 25 августа 2018 года, суббота - день прибытия, церемония открытия и официальная встреча.
  • 26 августа 2018 года, воскресенье - день соревнований, дипломные церемонии.
  • 27 августа 2018 года, понедельник - день соревнований, дипломные церемонии.
  • 28 августа 2018 года, во вторник - день, в честь команды и общего победителя, церемония окончания.
  • 29 августа 2018 года, среда - день отправления.

Cup Polesie - Кубок Полесье 2017

HST championships in Svetlogorsk, Gomel Region, Republic of Belarus 2017

From November 2 to 5, 2017 the "Cup Polesie" on highspeed radio-telegraphy was held in Svetlogorsk, in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Belarus.  8 teams and more than 50 children from different regions of the country took part in the competitions. The winner of this high level contest in the team competition was the team of the Brest region. The second place won the team of the Gomel region and the third place won the team of the Mogilev region.

Results of the Republic of Belarus championship "Cup of Polesie", November 2 - 5, 2017, Svetlogorsk

Young men born  in the years 2001-2002.

  1. Kharlan Konstantin, DOSAAF Gomel region,
  2. Guk Dmitry, Brest region,
  3. Melnikov Nikita, DOSAAF Gomel region.

Girls born 2001 and 2002.

  1. Begunova Anastasia, DOSAAF Mogilev reg.,
  2. Karaselnikova Anastasia, Brest region,
  3. Brazhuk Valeria, Brest region.

Boys born 2003 and 2004.

  1. Koryagin Kirill, DOSAAF Gomel region,
  2. Baranchuk Ivan, Brest region,
  3. Dudkin Artem, DOSAAF Mogilev reg.

Girls born 2003 and 2004.

  1. Karaselnikova Anna, Brest region,
  2. Kamalova Veronika, Brest region,
  3. Sytko Maria, DOSAAF Gomel region.

Boys born 2005 and 2006.

  1. Patrashenko Vladislav, Brest region,
  2. Popkov Ilya, DOSAAF Gomel region,
  3. Slavnov Alexander, SDYUSTSH DOSAAF, Mogilev.

Girls born 2005 and 2006.

  1. Yakovchuk Julia, DOSAAF Gomel region,
  2. Yarovich Victoria, Brest region.,
  3. Samusevich Milena, DYUSTSH DOSAAF.

Boys born 2007 and younger

  1. Bindasov Nikita, DOSAAF Mogilev region,
  2. Baranchuk Alexander, Brest region,
  3. Sivtsov Stepan, DYUSTSH DOSAAF, Mogilev.

Girls born 2007 and younger

  1. Cherneyko Olga, DOSAAF Gomel region,
  2. Samusevich Christina, СДЮСТШ ДОСААФ,
  3. Khodas Juliana, DOSAAF Gomel region.

HST Team Germany

Die Deutsche Nationalmannschaft der Hochgeschwindigkeitsmorse-telegrafisten hat eine neue temporäre Webseite

The German High Speed Telegraphy Team has got a new temporary Website.

Немецкая команда СРТ получила новый сайт.


CW activities by A1Club Japan

CW championship "A1 Grandprix" will be held at the 2017 Tokyo Hamfair on 2nd & 3rd September 2017 at the Tokyo Bigsight Exhibition Center.
Details for A1CLUB and CWnoSato booths are available here


After the 1st day of the Hamfair (from 18:00 on 2nd Sept), A1CLUB will host a party called "QRM PARTY" at Shinbashi. This party is open to all CW lovers. If you are in Tokyo on 02.09.2017 don't miss it! Details are availble here.

Morse Summit 2020   in Mie Japan

In May 2020, A1Club will hold a worldwide gathering of CW lovers in Japan. We still have 3 years to go. So if you are planning to visit Japan someday. You should choose the last week of May 2020. For details please refer to the website.

HST in Moldova Republic





On April 25th 2017 a competition in Highspeed Telegraphy was held in Chisinau, Republic Moldova. The disciplines were RUFZ, Morserunner and Transmitting. This is the ranking:

  1. Victor Garbuz 282,69 points
  2. Laura Schimbator 244,04 points
  3. Marcel Crivorucenco 117,73 points
  4. Alxandru Neagu 54,72 points
  5. Nicoleta Saca 25,16 points
  6. Dana Rata 16,68 points

- See more at:

HST in der Republik Moldau

Am 25. April 2017 fand in Chisinau ein Wettkampf in Hochgeschwindigkeits Telegrafie statt. Ziel war es junge Teilnehmer für diesen Sport zu begeistern. Die folgenden drei Disziplinen wurden dabei getestet: RUFZ, Morserunner und Transmitting. Hier die Rangliste der Platzierten:

  1. Victor Garbuz 282,69 points
  2. Laura Schimbator 244,04 points
  3. Marcel Crivorucenco 117,73 points
  4. Alxandru Neagu 54,72 points
  5. Nicoleta Saca 25,16 points
  6. Dana Rata 16,68 points

- See more at: